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After spending many years in the telecom industry and working to influence Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), I grew to admire the content industry.  Without content, there is no need for a telecom network to carry and enable multi-media services.  As a result, the broadband world of our dreams would remain just a dream.  The relationship between content and telecom is mutual.  The two industries need each other.  A content provider or creator is now more than ever dependent on consumers having access to their content via a broadband telecom network.

However, without proper technologies and laws in place, a powerful telecom network poses serious threats to the creators and providers of content.  Copyright laws attempt to strike the balance between incentives for innovators to invent and for those same innovators to have access to prior innovations.  It is a difficult balancing act, which makes copyright one of the most exciting and important areas of law today.

Copyrights protect the expression of ideas in a tangible medium.  Copyright protects original works.  Therefore, there must be some degree of creativity in the expression of the idea.  The expression is protected.  Ideas are not eligible for copyright protection.  Other examples of types of work not protected by copyright are facts, titles, slogans, short phrases, functions, blank forms, familiar symbols, useful articles, and concepts.

The following are types of work that may be eligible for copyright:

  • Architectural

  • Audiovisual

  • Dramatic

  • Literary

  • Pantomimes & choreographic

  • Pictorial, graphic, & sculptural

  • Sound recordings

Holders of valid copyrights have exclusive rights in:

  • Reproduction

  • Derivative works

  • Distribution

  • Public performance

  • Public display

There are variances in the rights the copyright holder receives depending on the type of work the author created.

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